Jan 23

My fiancee had a car that had over 206,000 miles on it and it seemed that every month something else was going wrong with it. I can tell you, I was becoming quite the mechanic be cause of it! Well it developed, from what I was told an intake gasket leak. This pretty much means that the coolant was ending up in the oil! Needless to say; that ain’t good! And one of the ill side effects was that she didn’t have heat. For weeks I could hardly think of anything else on my drive to and from work. All I could picture is her turning blue while she drove back and forth from work. And this was on top of any number of other things that could have happened because the car was falling apart. I really didn’t like the fact that if something did happen, I couldn’t be there for her because I was hours away.

Well we had our first major decision to make together; do we fix or replace her car? In the end we decided to replace it. One of her close friends recommend a used car dealer which was going to be our first stop in shopping for a new car. Well it ended up being our only stop. They had a 1992 Pontiac Bonnerville in mint condition. Granted it still had about 100,000 miles on it, but if you do the math that’s less than 7,000 a year. On top of that it appeared to have been garage kept. The price was a bit more that I wanted to spend, but with her trade in, it was a bit more palatable and far, far better than anything else in that price range.

I can tell you I feel soooo much better knowing that she is a much more reliable car. and I love her nick name for the car, “The Love Boat”!

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