Dec 11

Christmas With A Capital “C”

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Dec 07

The Proposal

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Several days ago I posted an Announcement, just a picture of an engagement ring. Well if you didn’t put two and two together — on November 17, 2007 at roughly 2pm I had asked my girlfriend to marry me. And would you believe it, she actually said, “Yes”. She must be crazy, LOL. Since that day, one of the most often asked questions was how did I propose. So here’s my story…

The back-story…
On my way home from her place one evening we were talking about rings and she commented, “I would be happy with a ring from a Cracker Jack box if it meant that you loved me and wanted to marry me.”

The ring…
I’m unashamed to say, yes, I did buy the ring from and online jeweler thru eBay. The size and quality of her diamond ring far exceeded what I would have been able to afford had I went to a retail jewelry store. As a kind of cool side fact, the ring was from Israel.

The surprise…
OK, it really wasn’t much of a surprise that I was going to ask her, after all we did go look at rings together and I also had asked her for her father’s number. Yes, I even asked her father for his blessing. So if it wasn’t going to be a surprise that I was going to ask, that just left me with “when” and “how” and even “when” wasn’t going to be all that of a surprise. I tried to come up with something clever for “how”. Remember that statement about Cracker Jacks?

The plan [A]…
The night before (that would be Friday November 16th for those keeping track) I was planning to ask her I went to the store and bought some Cracker Jacks. I quite skillfully opened up the bottom of the box, dumped out the Cracker Jacks so I could find the prize — I guess this would be a good time to mention that the ring hadn’t actually arrived yet! It only had shipped from Israel on Tuesday November 13th.

The plan [B]…
I ran to Clair’s at Park City and bought one of their fake engagement style rings for six bucks. — So I attached the fake ring to the prize with a twisty and put this little note on the back, “I love you. IOU a ring.” Then I put the prize with the ring attached back into the box with the Cracker Jacks making sure the prize and ring were at the top. I then, very carefully, re-sealed the box. Unless you looked very closely one would not have been able to tell that someone tampered with the box. Think about that the next time you buy something at the grocery store! I managed to get all this done only moments before she arrived at my place for dinner and a couple movies.

The next morning (that would be the 17th) I checked the tracking status of my package. Guess what? It said it was in Lancaster. But would I get it in time? The mail usually arrives about 12:30–1pm, so I made sure I was home. Every car that passed my heart raced only to be disappointed when it wasn’t the mail person. Finally she arrived and she had a package. Was it my package? At first I couldn’t tell. She kept picking it up, only to set it back down again. Excitement and disappointment ensure each time. Finally, she got out of the car and with the package! It actually had made it from Israel in only a little over 3 days! I quickly sign the package confirmation slip, ran to the garage with a couple friends and tore open the package, tearing the paper work in the process. And there it was, everything I imagined to be!

The plan [C]…
Since I had already rigged the Cracker Jack box with a fake ring and not having time to rig one with the new ring, I needed a new plan…

While she was in another room I put the ring under the sofa, still in its box, and thru the Cracker Jack box where she was going to sit. When she came from the other room, she picked up the Cracker Jack box and set it down on the coffee table before sitting down. And there it sat, but only for a few moments, though still long enough for me to wonder if she was actually going to open it! She reached out, picked the box up, opened it, saw the prize, started to pull it out and then paused…

The look was priceless, or at least confusion. You see, earlier that day we went shopping for the items that I was going to need to make her dinner, a dinner I wasn’t actually going to make. Guess what was on the list? Yep you guessed right, Cracker Jacks, to cover up the fact that I had bought some the night prior.

…she pulled the prize and ring out of the box, removed the ring from the prize and put it on. While she was doing this, knelled down by her feet and asked her if she liked it, to which she said, “Yes.” I then said, “Well I don’t.” as I pulled the real ring from beneath the sofa and opened the box. “I like this one better.” I swapped the rings on her finger and asked her to marry me.

Oh, all this was happening while the previews were playing of the movie we were going to watch. After the movie I told her I have another surprise. I made reservations to take her out to dinner to the Catacombs. The whole shopping for dinner thing was just so I could buy the Cracker Jacks in front of her. Any way we went out to dinner. The food and wine was excellent.

Coffee anyone?…
After dinner we went to a coffee house that my church was hosting. For those that don’t know, that’s where we first met. That was one of the main reasons I chose the day I day did. Because of the coffee house, what better way to end the evening!

One last thing…
I have to mention, no sooner than we walked thru the door, Doug was up at the mic announcing our engagement!

Dec 05

Where Have I Been?

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Where have I been? I’ve focused just about every last free second to finishing up the new website for my church, check it out here! This project went from a little site update to a massive overhaul that took me nearly a year to complete. I do wish the visual appeal were a little better, but the overall functionality of the site, in my humble opinion, is outstanding. I decided to build our site on top of a blogging platform called WordPress. The developer and the plug-in community is awesome. Because of them I was able to give our “little” church all the features, plus, that the large churches have. It’s received nothing but positive comments and even has help to lead others to New Hope. Talk about great confirmation that all this hard work is what I was suppose to be doing!

Any way… I’m back, so keep glued for more frequent posting.

PS [to self] Yes I know no one actually ever reads this thing LOL…

Dec 05

We Are Good Friends

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Good friendships between animals